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  • Translating English content into French – discussion papers, global reports, press releases, training materials, case studies, etc.

  • Revising, editing, and polishing French translations of English source texts – ensuring clarity, accuracy and consistency with the preferred terminology and style.

  • Transcreating – translating contents, linguistically and culturally, so that they are perfectly adapted to the target audience.

  • Proofreading, editing and polishing French documents.

  • Post-editing machine translation.

  • Providing quality assurance and layout control of the target documents prior to delivery.

  • Highlighting any issues or ambiguities in the source text or the format, providing clarification or suggesting solutions.

  • Editing – always happy to edit my own work following feedback.

  • Specializing in sustainability, climate change, disease prevention, human and children's rights, women empowerment, gender equality, biodiversity protection, ecological transition, peacebuilding, nutrition, etc.

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